"It began with one house and one family. It was a dream and a vision.  It was Mary House."

Mary House is a community based organization that provides transitional housing services, shelter and support programs to homeless and struggling immigrant families, and was founded on the concept that "smaller is better." The philosophy at Mary House has always been to help others as we ourselves would want to be helped, while providing a safe haven that allows families to maintain their dignity. As such, we are the only major organization that specifically seeks to house extended family members together Mary House is run entirely on donations* and grants, and we accomplish our service and our mission through the generosity of people like you.

Mary House was founded on August 13, 1981 and has been serving immigrant and refugee parents and children in Washington, D.C. ever since. Our families range from Mexico, South and Central America to Ethiopia and Iraq.  With thirteen sites in Northeast Washington D.C. and Takoma Park, Maryland, Mary House can serve up to 50 families with affordable housing in addition to the food, clothing, and childcare services we provide to many more.

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